It’s been a few months since you’ve seen our reels, posts, stories, etc... and you might be wondering what happened to these guys? One-hit wonders? Joined the anti-social social club? Well, truth be told it’s been a roller coaster of a ride but we are back and we have a lot of new exciting things happening over the next few weeks. 

It’s been a tough time for our family and for many families in South Africa with the third wave and we had to face it head-on with us having contracted COVID in May despite our efforts to keep safe. What followed was most of our immediate family members & friends also contracting it. To complicate the situation I was pregnant! That in itself was a huge shock for Q's Dad & me. Of course, the first trimester is never the easiest, and finding out that I am COVID-19 Positive was terrifying. It was probably one of the most difficult pieces of information I have ever received. I was worried about my family and my unborn baby.

It has not been an easy journey physically, mentally & emotionally recovering from the trauma and anxiety of having contracted COVID, but I am grateful for the help received. The messages of support & prayers sent our way was amazing and I felt truly blessed to have so many people in my life that I could count on. With the help of all our doctors, friends, and family we've recovered and the baby doing well. We now pray for the strength of our family members and friends that are still recovering or have lost loved ones. 

So... aside from all that you're probably wondering what’s new? Well, during our time off we were constantly working on optimizing Q's Collection to ensure that the website is as user-friendly as possible. We're also happy to report that we have sourced great new products and we are so excited to launch them in the coming weeks. There is also something else we've been working on, but more on that in the weeks to come. 

Some insight into the products launching to help wet your appetite - Pureboo is a “must-have in every household” skincare product founded by three exceptional South African women who wanted the best skincare products for their little ones. Locally sourced, free of harsh ingredients, and contain pure goat's milk. A baby and kids product range consisting of bum creams, lotions, body wash, conditioner, massage butter, bubbles, and bath oils. The range is for all skin types and is formulated from Pure Goats Milk. We absolutely love this product and the creamy softness that it leaves on your skin and we found it perfect for Q's skin especially during the winter months. Pureboo is an amazing addition to Q's Collection.

Peachy clothing is a brand close to our hearts and we love their products and Kristel (a young and beautiful South African female entrepreneur based in Linden Johannesburg who's the founder). If you managed to visit us at our pop-up earlier in May this year, at the Lux-Link (The Spectacle Boutique), you would have met her and have been able to view her beautiful Bibs and Bummies, if you missed it, have a look here. She has now launched the cutest harem pants, a range for girls and boys in limited quantities, from 0 months up to 5 years of age. I met Kristel when Qailah started her swimming classes, last summer. She was selling kiddies clothing and I absolutely adored it. I requested for her to make a matching all-in-one tie-dye outfit for Q & I. The result was absolutely beautiful. What I love about the Peachy range is that the pants have been designed to grow with your little one, due to the foldable waistband and ankles. When purchased at the starting age of the size, you will be able to get a good couple of years of wear out of it. Please go check out her range on Q's Collection

The next exciting product that we absolutely love is Cotton Cloud. A South African baby and toddler company that specializes in baby-feeding accessories. Their range includes Suction Divider Plates, Anti-choke Cutlery, Anti-Spill Cups with Covers, Silicone Bucket Bibs, Suction Bowls, and spoons sets as well as Silicone Teether Rattles. They all come in trendy colours, available as bundled sets or individual items as required. They are made from food-grade silicone, making them anti-bacterial and non-toxic. I personally love it when all my baby items match and if you know me, I like everything in grey. This product allows you to mix and match colours or to just keep it all simple with the same colour. Check out our Instagram page to find out when this product goes live, otherwise, check-in on Q's Collection

The last product I'd like to mention that will be launching soon is such an amazing product as I always struggle with sanitizing Q's toys and baby items without worrying about the harsh chemicals. Moibaba is a South African, Johannesburg-based company that focuses on clean "green" products. There is a clear demand for products that are safe, natural, and not harmful to our bodies, and they have a range of Toy Sanitizers, Dummy, and Teether Sterilizers as well as a Baby Bum No-Rinse Cleaner. We will also be launching their Bump Wax for pregnancy which helps to prevent stretch marks. This will be my go-to product for the next few months and also after giving birth. We just love that their products are affordable, safe to use on baby's skin, non-toxic and completely harsh chemical-free. 

As you can see, Q's Collection loves locally manufactured products and South African companies and we promote buying local and supporting local. 

Please check out our social media pages as well as our website to view and purchase these products. We have more exciting news coming up in the next few weeks and we are excited to tell you about our new adventures.

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