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As newbies to the world of parenting, there have been many challenges in navigating through this new chapter of our lives. Finding our feet has been daunting at the best of times, to be honest. While somethings do come naturally, there have been many Eish! moments along the way. So, what is this all about, why an online store? & why a blog?

Well, we started the journey of opening an online store late 2020, during our lockdown off all periods (that was a part of the motivation, more on that later). But let’s just back-up a for a minute. Khadeejah and I both have regular 8-5pm jobs & a host of other extramural activities, aside from being Mum & Dad keeping us busy. So, to say our plates were kind of full is somewhat true. In the year leading up to the decision to start Q’s Collection we constantly received comments & questions like “Where did you get that?”, “That is so cute!”, “How did you find that?”, “Such a great idea.”, “Would you please shop for my kid?”; mainly about everything related to Q – from how we dressed her, her nursery set-up, diet, playtime, etc. That’s when we decided to put together a list of all the things we loved & all the things we learnt up until that point (because we’re still learning). Light bulb moment! And Q’s Collection was born. (Well, that’s if you fast-forward past the countless late nights trying to figure out everything e-commerce)
Q's Collection was started to help parents find bespoke, quality baby & kiddies’ products, ranging from furniture, clothing, toys and so much more. Many of our products are locally sourced and handcrafted with great attention to detail.
What started as a passion to find our little Q only the best, has grown into a wonderful business and we are ever so grateful to all the parents who've continuously supported our online store and shared our site with their friends and family - VIEW SITE. Q’s collection has been meticulously curated, and we will keep finding great products for our Q and your kids too.

So, what type of blog is this going to be? That has stumped us for some time now. Not so much due to writer’s block, but rather due to the subject at hand – Parenting. Are we even proficient enough to be giving advice? I’d like to think so… Not because I think we know it all, but rather because our hearts are in this. This for me is one of the most important life lessons I hope to impart onto Q when the time comes - “Whatever you decide to do, do it with all your heart, its either you succeed, or you learn a lesson.” So, for now, expect all things parenting & lifestyle related. The tone may be funny, informative, sombre or even instructional at times, it will depend on how many hours of sleep either of us had the night before or the number of times we’ve answered the question “why?” for the day.

Who’s going to be writing this? We’ve decided that it will be written by either or both of us, depending on the topic because we each have our strengths at being Mum & Dad after all. Buckle-up! You’re in for a treat as we share our experiences and perspectives. The ups and downs of parenthood and of course our love for our little Q.
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